Mentor: Mike Downing
Mentor: Mike Downing
Chief Technology Officer

Mike has led innovation and technological change at WPA, a leading UK Health Insurer, for over 20 years. Mike strives to keep WPA at the leading edge of technology disruption and transformation, implementing agile solutions that drive the business forward and deliver competitive advantage. Mike’s team has won more than ten industry awards in the last five years for their innovative solutions.

His academic background includes a BSc in Business Computer Science, an MSc in International Financial Management and an MBA. Mike has a special interest in developing systems to improve automation by utilising Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, having gained relevant qualifications at MIT and Swansea University.

Prior to WPA, Mike’s varied work experience across Europe has included financial institutions, technology companies, the European Space Agency and the United Nations.

Mike is a frequent attendee at insurance market and technology events where he often speaks or debates as part of a panel.